Fragmentos de Uma Vida de A. Irving Leitner e Isabella Leitne



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    Um clássico do Holocausto. Editora Livros do Brasil.


    The First Survivors of Auschwitz Arrived in The U.S. The Day The War Ended.

    For many survivors of the Holocaust, May 8,1945 represents the most monumental day of the twentieth century. Since then, the agony of World War II has been a constant companion.

    The pain of survivors of Auschwitz, in particular, cannot be measured. I cannot help but reflect on my own destiny tied to VE-Day, May 8, 1945, for fate chose me and my two sisters to become part of history. We were the first live specimens out of Auschwitz to arrive in the United States. We docked on May 8, 1945, the very day the war in Europe ended.

    We were born on planet Earth. We were hurled onto planet Auschwitz. And then were hurled back again, with virtually nothing in common with anyone. The incredulity all around us, our unfathomable presence, made people move, ever so slightly, away from our orbit. With no other Auschwitz survivors to seek comfort from, we finally sealed our lips for we felt that everything we tried to communicate was beyond comprehension. Instead of pure joy, May 8, 1945 was the day our devastating loneliness dawned on us. We were saturated with pain, and now we were also alone.

    From the distance of a half century I would like to talk about it and try to untangle the complexities of those lone days.

    – Isabella Leitner.